Fletcher's Gold Rum is a ready to service, single shot serving of quality gold rum that comes in a compact, flexible packet.


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Fletcher's spiced rum is a quality liquor in a ready to drink flexible pocketshot.


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Fletcher's Silver Rum is a ready to drink single serving of silver rum that comes in a compact, eco-friendly sachet.


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Ms. Behavin Vodka is a ready to drink quality vodka that is packaged in flexible, eco-friendly, liquor shot pouch.


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Portashot’s ready to drink King’s Crown Whiskey liquor pouches have the perfect balance of warm aromas, a hint of charred oak, followed by a subtle, smooth finish.


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Blue Zebra Vodka is a compact, Convenient, Ready to Drink Quailty Vodka Pouch from Portashots


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Portashots offers a variety of individually packaged, quality Spirits portioned into ready to drink single-serve, portable liquor shot packets that compliment all active-lifestyle consumers. This “shot in a pouch” ready-to-drink liquor alternative to bottles provides consumers with a compact, easy to carry, flexible, securely sealed sachet of quality distilled spirits that on-the-go consumers can access with ease from any pocket, bag, or purse.

Redefining the Spirits packaging, sales, and marketing paradigm, Portashots has quickly become the preference of active adults who enjoy ready to drink cocktails in single-serving pouches of their favorite hard liquor at any time in any location.  The flexible packaging is eco-friendly and convenient.  Each clear, resealable bag contains 25 individual 30ml packets of full proof, ready for consumption alcoholic beverage at a price value that exceeds expectations. The pre-packaged quality liquor pouches come in a variety of flavors. Enjoying your favorite mixed drink or quality spirit in any setting without a bartender is as simple as  tearing the perforated corner of a Portashots packet and pouring the contents into a glass “neat” or stirred with the mixer of your choice.

Portashots is the environmentally friendly, on the go quality liquor alternative to large 750ml glass bottles or “miniature” plastic bottles. Glass bottles not only take up space, their use is also either restricted or prohibited in certain public areas including beaches, music venues, and many other outdoor areas.  The quality of Portashots packaged spirits exceeds customers expectation.  It’s so convenient, take Portashots anywhere you want. Mix Portashots with whatever you want and enjoy Portashots whenever you want.


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Portashots pacakges 750ml 86 Proof, quality, ready to drink portable liquor shots    Like Portashots on Facebook.    Learn more about Portashots at their media gallery.   


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